Towards New Horizons

SCA National Conference 6-9 May 2018

6 – 9 May 2018 City Hall, Newcastle, NSW

The SCA Conference Committee calls for submissions of abstracts for workshops or seminars that

  • Support the conference theme
  • Explore innovative approaches to spiritual care
  • Explore the challenges to our evolving profession
  • Consider the needs of differing contexts for spiritual care

Workshop and seminar presentations by SCA members and colleagues are becoming an ever more popular and important part of our national SCA Conference.

What are you doing or learning or researching in your place that will help your colleagues as they turn their attention towards the new horizons that are before us as people engaged in spiritual care?

In today’s society, people engage with religion and spirituality in traditional, new and diverse ways. Spiritual care is evolving too, exploring new horizons to meet contemporary needs.

The 2016 Census data reveals that 52 percent of the population is affiliated with Christianity.  Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam and Buddhism are increasingly common beliefs.  Some 30 percent of Australia’s population report no religious affiliation.

So – as familiar horizons dissolve, what now holds us as a profession? If we are to turn our gaze towards new horizons, to dream, to believe what is possible, what is inviting us, what is challenging us?

Workshops and seminars help us to move towards new horizons by opening our minds, clearing our vision, giving us new language, and preparing us to move.

We encourage you to consider presenting a workshop or seminar at our 2018 conference. 

Click here for an expanded explanation of the theme.

Important information: 

  • All abstracts for workshops or seminars must be submitted via the online portal. (See link below.)
  • All submissions will be acknowledged by email.
  • You will be advised if your submission has been successful or otherwise by email. Further instructions will then follow e.g. how to submit any PowerPoint presentations to be used.
  • All successful applicants are expected to attend the SCA Conference on the day of their presentation at their own expense. No remuneration can be offered for workshop and seminar presenters.
  • In submitting a proposal you acknowledge that you, or your organisation, will pay your own fares and accommodation costs.
Submissions Closed